Psi Corps Headquarters

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Bester (alone)

Auto Autograph of Walter Koenig JPG, 20 kb
Auto2 Autograph of Walter Koenig JPG, 14 kb
Bester1 Bester with his PPG JPG, 26 kb
Bester2 Bester looking dangerous JPG, 41 kb
Bester3 Bester with a faint smile JPG, 5 kb
Button Bester as a button GIF, 4 kb
Cockpit Bester with spacesuit in a cockpit JPG, 20 kb
Drink Bester with a drink JPG, 53 kb
Fire Bester shooting JPG, 6 kb
Frown Bester with a frown JPG, 19 kb
Gun Bester with his PPG, looking somehow worried or sad JPG, 28 kb
Hand Bester stretching out his hand JPG, 34 kb
Look Bester looking interested JPG, 22 kb
Lover Looking very very sad JPG, 5 kb
OhNo Bester looking unhappy JPG, 4 kb
OhOh Looking really evil GIF, 57 kb
PsiAttack Bester scanning someone JPG, 3 kb
Sense Bester 'listening' through a closed door JPG, 8 kb
Shoot Bester shooting JPG, 5 kb
Smile Just smiling GIF, 4 kb
Smirk Smirk JPG, 5 kb
SoWhat What's going on? JPG, 19 kb
Space Bester and a starfury in space JPG, 30 kb
Table Bester sitting at a table JPG, 4 kb
Talk Bester talking urgently JPG, 24 kb
Whoops Just 'whoops' JPG, 4 kb

Bester and friends

Argue Bester arguing with Sheridan GIF, 50 kb
Bester4 Bester and a tech  JPG, 9 kb
BGaribaldi Garibaldi watching Bester JPG, 11 kb
BKelsey Bester and Kelsey talking to Sinclair GIF, 8 kb
BLyta Bester and Lyta on a white star JPG, 4 kb
BSheridan Bester and Sheridan on Earth JPG, 4 kb
BSheridan2 Bester and Sheridan JPG, 3 kb
BTalia Bester and Talia GIF, 41 kb
BZack Bester and Zack JPG, 52 kb
Couple Bester and a Psi Cop (Judy Levitt, Koenig's wife in real life) JPG, 18 kb
DeepScan Bester and Kelsey scanning Talia JPG, 9 kb
Enemies Bester and Garibaldi JPG, 16 kb
Enemies2 Bester and Garibaldi JPG, 49 kb
HQ Bester, Chen and Lauren  GIF, 57 kb
Hunt Bester and some bloodhounds JPG, 7 kb
Hunt2 Bester and his superior JPG, 6 kb
Hurt Bester, Dr. Franklin and Lauren JPG, 14 kb
Interrog Bester interrogating a tech JPG, 8 kb
Laugh Bester just laughing with Sheridan in the background JPG, 4 kb
Meeting Bester, Garibaldi and Lyta in a restaurant JPG, 60 kb
Meeting2 Bester, Garibaldi and Sheridan in his office JPG, 4 kb
Offer Bester and Lyta at a bar JPG, 6 kb
Prisoner Bester and Byron JPG, 7 kb
PsiFun Bester, Chen and Lauren laughing JPG, 10 kb
Rogues Bester and Zack with captured rogues JPG, 35 kb
Scan Bester and another Psi Cop preparing to scan a prisonder JPG, 45 kb
ScanClose Close-up of Bester scanning Talia JPG, 27 kb
Staff Bester and the whole staff in Sheridan's office JPG, 7 kb
Stakeout Bester and Garibaldi shooting JPG, 5 kb



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